It’s almost 1 morning….I would’ve worked on this earlier but I had a movie night with the siblings…maybe I’ll finish tomorrow..?

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Doodle for the night.

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From my Insta~ (the studs were living hail!)

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Drew Ruki last night because I haven’t drawn him in a while……Ah~ I might draw Uruha….

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Yay my laptop is cleared!!

Got it back last week, but I can’t save anything on it just yet. I have to get a new hard drive and then I’ll be able to use it.

Bad news is…….my PS3 broke down again OTL I tried DL’ing the LR demo until it broke down the next day ;; imma cry but anyways…..yeah! So April 21st is when the World Doc comes out ahhhh I have a lot of time to do shiet lol

Can’t wait to draw more things! How exciting~! -M I K I

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Another Hiatus orz

Sorry if nothing has been posted guys. My dad’s coworker had a family issue the past month. So, it’s going to be quite a while until I can get my laptop back. I don’t want my dad to bother him about it. Aaaannnnddd I’m taking another (short) hiatus on here since I’m using this month to study for the math proficiency….Wish me luck because this is my last chance on passing it and my graduation is in jeopardy.

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I keep thinking there’s a deer in BD, but it’s not a deer horn. Keep thinking it’s involved somewhere between the lines.

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Finished the other day.

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